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Jennifer prides herself on being a creative and grounded person, with a ‘joie de vivre’ outlook. Whilst training at The London Makeup Academy, she thought carefully about the products she wanted to use in her kit, which led to the realisation that many products contain not only potentially toxic/unnecessary chemicals, but also involve animal testing and animal derived by-products. She has therefore always favoured natural, ethical products, that are animal/eco friendly. 

Jennifer has an Art & Design background and a highly creative eye. Throw that in the mix with being calm, approachable, and fun, she makes a fantastic artist. She enjoys working as a team, and making people feel confident whilst achieving the required look. In 2007 she started her career quickly in the Sports TV industry, which then led to an array of hair and makeup work from Music Videos and DJ names, to TV shows.

Jennifer has recently completed the Barbicide and GTI Covid safety courses. 

Barbicide Covid course.jpg
Beauty Guild Covid Cert .jpg
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